Fees Calculator

Compare all Industry and Retail Funds

Compare all Industry and Retail funds against the best super fund benchmark using Independent research

The three steps you should follow are.

  • Step one. Enter your details by using the “slider” moving from left to right to change your preferences. You can use your mouse or finger if you have a touch screen.
  • Step two. Choose your own fund from the list in the drop down box “Fund B”.

    Fund A is pre-set as the benchmark to be compared against.

  • Step three. Click the compare button to view your results. This will clearly outline the differences in fees between your current fund and the best. You can receive a detailed personalised report by clicking the email button and we will send you the report directly to your inbox.

How simple is that!

General advice warning: The use of this tool is considered general advice only and should not be considered as personal financial planning advice. We recommend you request a full statement of advice from one of our qualified advice professionals using the best independent research available.