Assumptions & Disclaimers

The Fee Comparator Tool shows in today’s dollars the significant amount of difference fees can make to your final retirement payout. We use publicly available information supplied by the industry regulator Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) which reports on all “My Super” licenced entities that hold a “My Super” approval. We use the current fees that are disclosed to APRA as the basis of the comparison. This is the most accurate way to compare funds that are regarded as balanced growth for the purposes of comparison. We project the benefits using the current ASIC assumptions that appear on the Money Smart web site.


The information provided by the Fee Comparator Tool is of a general nature only and should not be taken as a complete or definitive statement about superannuation, superannuation funds and other service providers listed therein. You should not make decisions concerning your superannuation arrangements solely based on the information provided by the Fee Comparator Tool or its associated website. You are responsible for your own investment decisions and should obtain individual tailored financial advice whenever necessary.

Assumptions for modelling and calculations

Adviser service fee (%)
Superannuation Guarantee Contribution
9.5% of Gross Salary. Assumes no salary sacrifice or voluntary contributions.
Insurance premiums
Investment option
Investment return
Earning tax
Inflation assumptions
Contribution tax
When are contributions assumed to be made?
Quarterly in arrears with 4th quarter contribution being received on the last day of the year.
When are fees assumed to be deducted?
Tax rebates
Tax rebate of 15% is assumed on fees deducted from members’ accumulation accounts.

The calculator works only for accumulation funds not defined benefit funds.

Results are shown in today’s dollars. We assume that your employer contributes 9.5% of your annual salary. We have not assumed the growth in contributions. We assume that you satisfy the work test.If you are self-employed you need to make voluntary contributions.