Top 10 “My Super” funds

Annual Net Returns to 30 June, 2016
(calculations based on $50,000)

Source: APRA annual My Super fees and returns to 30 June 2016. All superannuation funds are required to report quarterly to the regulator the total fees and investment returns for their equivalent growth or balanced growth fund. The table below ranks the funds on their fees. Annual performance is also shown.

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The links below rank all funds on their annual performance, showing return results and fees charged. Use these tables to compare your fund.
LifeStages Investment Product Option
Your annual statement will show your investment option as a “Lifestages” fund.

What do people look for when selecting
a Super Fund?

Low Fees    High Returns   More Benefits

Average Super Balances

Male vs Female

In general a couple needs $58,784 per year in retirement and a single person needs $42,861 per year to live comfortably in retirement. (source ASFA Retirement standards)

Average balances are derived from research provided by Third parties. These figures are estimates only based on the number of active superannuation accounts by different ages for both men and women.
Whilst the accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed it cannot be relied upon.

What are the steps I should follow?

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Step 3 Graphic
Choose the right super fund for you
Our fee calculator will match you to the right superannuation fund. It is important to make an active choice of superannuation funds otherwise you could end up in a fund chosen for you because you work for an employer who may be subject to default super fund rules. You have a choice – use it.
Consolidate all super into one account
We will take away all the pain and hassle and consolidate all funds that match your details into the best super fund. If you don’t consolidate inactive accounts you could lose the money in those accounts. The lost and inactive accounts will be transferred to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The average Australian has 4 superannuation accounts in their name.
Put it all together with financial advice from a qualified professional
Your professional adviser will help you calculate how much you need to contribute to catch up and maximise your benefit at retirement and choose the right asset allocation to improve your performance.

Fees calculator

Compare all Industry and Retail funds

Why it is important to change

The impact of fees and poor investment returns.

All superannuation fund trustees must formulate an investment strategy for all members to conform to the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993. The issue for individual members is that not all superannuation funds have the same strategy and deliver the same results.

Reducing fees and investing better can increase your super by over 41%.

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About Us

What we do and what we charge is a division of Financial Choice Pty Ltd and has been established to provide comparison tools for “My Super” accounts and general calculators on retirement.

Over the last ten years many members have been asking for advice on what superannuation fund is best. Because we were not an advice business we have been unable to provide this advice until now. Please refer to our financial services guide for further information.

Financial Choice Pty Ltd will prepare a written statement of advice that will outline the goals and objectives that you have for your retirement planning and recommend the best superannuation fund that is available to you based on the priorities that you have listed when you registered to compare funds. We charge an advice fee of $250.00 per advice segment or part thereof. This fee can be paid from your superannuation fund if the chosen fund allows it or you can pay using EFT, credit card or BPay.

Fund fees and investment returns

Quality independent research services are used to determine the best super fund for you.

Find my best super uses the available information from the Industry regulator to help members of My Super accounts compare the fees that they are paying on their chosen “My Super” account and the fund with the lowest fees available to superannuation members. Our research and fee comparison tool is free of conflicts and has not been supported by one of the Industry Superannuation funds or large retail funds. This tool only compares published “My Super” accounts and does not compare other legacy style funds that are closed to new members.

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